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MDAdvice.com's Co-Branding Partner Program
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MDAdvice.com's Co-Branding Partner Program provides healthcare systems, hospitals, and other organizations with a full-featured co-branded internet solution. These solutions combine the organization's content with the award winning consumer content of MDAdvice.com. This is a viable, economical way of having a continually updated Internet presence for your customers to use. MDAdvice.com will work with you to develop a custom co-branding solution for your organization.

Program Information

The Task: Providing Your Customers Reliable Health Information through the Internet
Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to the Internet to find answers to their medical questions and concerns. Clearly, your organization would like to take part in this health care revolution by providing your customers healthcare information through your site. But, how do you begin to assemble the enormous amounts of reliable information required for such an Internet presence? How will you keep up with rapidly changing healthcare developments? How will your site’s technology stay up-to-date?

The Answer
MDAdvice.com's Partner Program meets these challenges by bringing MDAdvice.com’s award winning consumer content to your organization’s customers. By co-branding with MDAdvice.com, you gain:

  • A continually updated Internet presence.
  • The capability to enhance customer education with access to thousands of pages of detailed healthcare information, written with the consumer in mind. All information on the site comes from valid, reliable sources; it is timely, relevant, and trustworthy. Quite frankly, it is the largest offering of health and medical content and services available on the web, all of which you can provide to your visitors.
  • A large variety of personalized interactive features, including over 125 message boards and weekly chat support groups, calculators and quizzes, and online question and answer sessions with board certified experts.
  • Enhanced visibility and access to new customers.
  • A system with an ease of use that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • A turnkey solution that is instantly compatible with your existing servers and software.
  • A solution that can be implemented quickly and easily with minimal capital expense.

In only two weeks, for a very reasonable cost, you can significantly enhance your internet presence with high quality content updated daily and dynamic, personalized, interactive features.

Additional Features

  • Co-Branded MDAdvice.com Pages.
  • The MDAdvice.com vast array of health and medical content, interactive services, and community support features are presented through your organization's website and co-branded with your logo. Unlike other co-branding programs, we feature your full-sized logo on the top of each page.
  • Customized "Launch Pages"
    Links to MDAdvice.com content areas are combined with information about your local services thereby bringing together your website and your co-branded MDAdvice.com site. Launch pages can feature any topics or sections of our site that you choose.
  • Allotment of Traffic
    All MDAdvice.com co-branded sites are added to the MDAdvice.com Partner Directory, a directory of MDAdvice.com Co-Branding Partners sorted by regional area will advertise your services to both a national and your local audience. A clear link to the MDAdvice.com Partner Directory will be placed on the MDAdvice.com home page and advertised appropriately.
  • Local Interactive Communities
    Specific chat events, polls, or forums can be planned depending on your needs or interests. In addition, through our real-time, 24/7 message boards, your customers can take part in scheduled support groups and forums which will display your name prominently as their sponsor. For example, you could set-up boards for local news and events or one for question and answers with your staff.

Additional Information

If your organization is interested in participating in MDAdvice.com's Co-Branding Partner Program, or if you would like further information, please email: cobranding@mdadvice.com or call: (201) 767-4273.


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