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MDAdvice.com has a very strong visitor-based community. Feel free to participate. There are many people that can benefit from your experiences. Our visitors can interact and share experiences, concerns, worries, ideas, problems, conflicts, suggestions, and other information regarding health issues with other members online.

Message Boards
Our moderated community support boards permit our visitors the opportunity to share their concerns by posting messages that other visitors can read. These boards operate in real time since messages are immediately posted after submission. Messages can be posted anonymously or with names noted. Currently, there are over 100 topics to choose from.

Health Chats
Our live, interactive community chats allow our visitors the opportunity to share their concerns and views with others in real time. Having an online chat is just the same as having a conversation with one or more persons.

Visitor Stories
Visitor stories are first-person accounts of what it is like to cope with a particular disease or condition. This is a rare opportunity to tell others what you have gone through in dealing with a particular condition and to read the stories of others going through similar experiences as you have.



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