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At MDAdvice.com, an entire medical information database is at your fingertips. In this section of MDAdvice.com you will find in-depth, insightful, simply written informative material, medical news, books, and other material on various health topics. This database also includes community support groups, message boards, and health chat rooms. MDAdvice.com currently provides information on numerous common and less common medical conditions.

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 Journals & Articles

Online Medical Journals
This part of our site contains links to many online medical journals of interest.

Medline Article Search
Medline, one of the world's largest biomedical databases with millions of articles, can be searched for free by visiting this site.

Other Biomedical Databases
In addition to Medline, there are various other biomedical databases available on the internet. These databases contain millions of articles and can be searched for free. This is made possible by the National Library of Medicine.

Government Health News
View news, updates and press releases from many government agencies.


Video Medical News
Need information on current medical developments? In addition to text-based articles, at MDAdvice.com, an entire video medical news database is at your disposal. These are timely, in-depth videos on a variety of health news topics that explain new procedures in depth.

Drug Information
Need information on a medicine you're taking? Our drug information database can help. This database contains all the information you want to know about drugs.

Informative Material
Need detailed topical medical information on a particular medical condition? At MDAdvice.com, a database of informative medical material is available freely to the public. This is growing collection of articles that enable the reader to acquire an in-depth understanding of any health topic available.

Ask An Expert
Have a health question? Get reliable answers here from physicians for free.

 Other Resources

Medical Dictionary
The Online Medical Dictionary contains definitions of thousands of health terms viewable online.

How Much Do You Know About Health Conditions? Test what you know on Asthma, Blood, Cholesterol, Heart, Sleep, Smoking, Physical Activity, and more.

Clinical Trials
This page contains detailed information on clinical trials, including patient information on clinical trials, their possible benefits and drawbacks, answers to questions frequently asked about clinical trials, information on drug testing, treatment information derived from clinical trials, information on prevention clinical trials, and information on understanding clinical research. In addition, this page contains links to sites that provide information about ongoing clinical trials.

Poison Control Centers
This section of our site contains a list of telphone numbers and addresses of poison control centers in your area. We reccommend that you keep your local poison control phone number(s) near your telephone in case of emergency.

Government, Local, and Other Internet Resources
This section of our site contains links to hundreds of sites including the Centers for D
isease Control, the National Institutes of Health, local health resources, and additional government and online resources.

Online Specialty Organizations
This section of our site contains links to many online organizations and resources grouped by specialty/topic.

FDA New Drug Approvals
The FDA New Drug Approvals list is updated weekly. The Drug approvals on this list are verified and published as they become available and contain information on many recent drug approvals.

Drugs in Development
This database contains information on pharmaceutical products in the research and testing phase. Information has been obtained through government and industry sources based upon the latest information.


Hospital Select
Do you need to find a local hospital in your area? Find out by visiting Hospital Select, which contains information on almost every hospital in the United States.

American Medical Association Doctor Search
Need to find a doctor? Need information on the physician you're currently seeing? AMA Physician Select, an online doctor finder, provides information on virtually every doctor in the United States.

Board Certification Verification
Is your doctor board certified? Find out by searching the American Board of Medical Specialties database.



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