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Clinical Trials
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Patient Information on Clinical Trials
Prior to joining a clinical trial, view our patient information for what you need to know about them. This information includes general information on clinical trials, including types of trials that are available to participate in, offered treatment options, whether or not to take part in a clinical trial, why clinical trials are important, their possible benefits and drawbacks, answers to questions frequently asked about clinical trials, the FDA regulations in place to protect patients involved in clinical trials, and information on how to become a research patient at NIH.

Information on Drug Testing
This includes information on drug clinical trials in people, why FDA is encouraging drug testing in children, and information on how FDA approves new drugs.

Treatment Information Derived from Clinical Trials
This includes information on FDA finding new ways to speed treatments to patients and on orphan products, which give new hope to patients with rare disorders.

Information on Prevention Clinical Trials
This includes information on understanding cancer prevention trials, general information on prevention trials, whether or not to take part in a prevention clinical trial, and possible benefits and risks of participating in a prevention trial.

Clinical Trials Links
This contains links to sites that provide information about ongoing clinical trials. Visit these sites to learn about current clinical research and clinical trials.

Understanding Clinical Research: From Promise to Practice
This article contains information on where the ideas for clinical trials come from.


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